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Help me clear something up:


I keep hearing people men say that women aren’t really oppressed. Under what definition of “oppression” does “universal fear of sexual violence and domestic abuse, constant harassment and intimidation, economic disenfranchisement, denial of healthcare and housing, and unyielding psychological reinforcement of subjugated status” not make the cut?

It’s funny that you mention that because 

1) More men are raped each year in the US than women 
2) women commit more domestic abuse 
3) Harassment and intimidation is not gender exclusive and there are no real statistics on it (that I know of )
4) Wage gap is a myth, I can link you to several studies saying women earn MORE money than men (although they can be argued against for the same reasons the wage gap is a myth)
5) Breast cancer has twice the funding of testicle cancer yet the same infection and death rate 
6) men make up more homeless
7) Your last point of psychological reinforcement of subjication, feminism feeds that. It’s the only movement I know of that constantly tells women they are opressed and weak

SO in concluson, you just proved that by your own definition men are opressed. 

I would argue men arnt opressed, no one is, but hey ho! 

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