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imperialcavelry asked
Did you vote in the police commissioner bi-election?

I voted for Ayoub Khan first (as before) 
and Labour second

also why the fuck didnt you send this on facebook you half inflated zepplin cruising into the sunset? 

lecherousfascist asked
How old are you? When did you know you were bisexual? what was your childhood life like before and after that? About how much education have you had? What's your favorite band and why? What would your ideal next wave of feminism and mens rights activism entail? Sorry for having so many questions but you're one of the best people on this site in my opinion and a want to know all about you. -V, a fan.

I dont give out my age or name or anything hahah

well like from the age of, what, 14? I refused to call myself straight, although id only been attracted to women at that point  I always said that I might meet someone in the future im attracted to who’s a man. But it was around like 16 i first became attracted t a guy

Childhood, I was a fat nerdy kid, I got into a lot of fist fights until like 12

Education, Currently a uni student

Fav Band, I’d have to say Pixies, I love how they use music like a story, with ebbs and flows and development and devolution sitting upon a wave of absurdism

My ideal wave of feminism and the MRM would just be egalitarianism and companionship between the two


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Zoe Quinn is now blaming MRA’s for giving her shit



Despite no MRA website reporting on it or any mention of them other than her

She’s digging a hole so deep that soon she’ll hit China. This sounds like another wizardchan. Who else did it? Ze Germanz? 

I’m sure none of the mra’s even notice what’s going on, but probably will now and that’s gonna be more on her ass. More amusement for us. Sheesh. Can someone tell her ass to be an adult and just admit what she did? My god. 

I was gonna make a post about her being doxxed and shit and how its like, not okay
but considering i can only really speak to MRA’s its a bit pointless seeing as its not MRA’s doing anythng.

-edit-  apparenlty she wasnt doxxed at all

Also was that a snatch reference?

Zoe Quinn is now blaming MRA’s for giving her shit

Despite no MRA website reporting on it or any mention of them other than her

Anonymous asked
When people ask "what is the mra for?" And you reply with that list of things, does anybody ever respond "oh, okay, thanks for clearing that up" or words to that effect?

It’s 50/50 

Half the time I’m ignored, half the time they’re like “Hey! thanks, now I know” 

Note raising the topic of help for male, non binary and trains* victims in a discussion focussed around female victims should NEVER  try to confiscate or reallocate resources unless absolutely neccesary (which it never is)


“If the only time you talk about male rape survivors is when you are interrupting women and non-binary people talking about sexual assault statistics and their own experiences, don’t pretend you give a shit about male rape survivors.”

— (via misandry-mermaid)

1) when the only discussions and resources about rape is focussed on women, raising the issue of male, non-binary, or trans* victims is neccesary

2) how ironic as misandry-mermaid only talks about male rape to dismiss and mock it


The hilarious thing is that the valid criticisms against the feminist movement (transphobia, racism, Islamophobia, classism, and leaving out huge groups of people) also apply to the MRA movement.

So half of the MRAs’ criticisms against us are hypocritical and the rest are just bullshit. A+, guys.

Well yeah but arent you just kinda stepping into the hypocritial mess here 

you criticisng the MRM can also be applied to feminism
an MRA criticisng feminism can also apply to the MRA.

The difference is that Feminism is the worlds largest pressure gorup, and the MRM is one website and a bunch of dudes with laptops


men’s rights activists make me laugh like what rights do u possibly want, do u think its unfair that only women can give birth or something idk

  • The law does not recognise female rapists
  • Prison rape for men in the US exceeds the rape rate for free and imprisoned women combined yet there is no movement towards stopping prison rape
  • By law in some countries (Mine is one) men get longer and harsher sentences
  • The death gap
  • the draft
  • restrictions in work freedom (going both ways)
  • Routine infant genital muitilation 
  • Male homelessness is ridiculously high
  • the male suicide rate is very high
  • Custody cases
  • There is not a single male domestic abuse shelter in my country nor any of the neighbouring ones
  • the duluth model of domestic abuse automatically assumes that in a domestic abuse situation the man is the one who is violent, despite the fact women commit equal or greater amount of domestic abuse
  • general awareness of mens issues
  • erasure of gender rolls
  • erasure of gendered terms within legality 

This is what the MRM is fighting for and against