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U.S. right wing extremists more deadly than jihadists


How does it feel being falsely accused of being more dangerous than muhajadeen, conservatives. Don’t you love how, in order to manipulate the statistics by claiming the death count by the “extremist right-wing” is higher, he completely omits the almost 3,000 people murdered and 6,000 injured on American soil from 9/11 to prove his point? On top of how he completely ignores the death toll of the victims of terrorism worldwide OUTSIDE the US (I don’t see the KKK recruiting members of other countries to kill in the name of whitey, do you?).


He fails to mention that in 2012, more than 8,500 terrorist attacks killed nearly 15,500 people, a record high. He also completely omits the 52 British killed in the 2005 London Subway bombings, also known as 7/7 (oh wait, but fuck anything that isn’t specifically American-centric because goddamn that exceptionalism smells good in the morning, right???). There’s also been attacks resulting in the deaths of at least 120 civilian Americans or westerners (UN consulates) on US embassies since 2001, since that, too, is considered US soil (I left out the soldiers’ death count since I would consider that wartime and not particularly terrorism despite the psychological tactics they use, though they still are attacks against Americans). But he of course doesn’t mention that.

2) You dont seem to be able to recognise that THOSE 8,500 ATTACKS INCLUDED ATTACKS BY RIGHT WING GROUPS

3) your embassy point is valid but still does not change the overall trend in data

Don’t you just love how Mr. Peter Bergen just leaves all of that information out of his article, so he can bend the truth to fit his agenda?

Dont you just love how you cant fact check and you dont know how studies work?


Claimant count down, inflation down, unemployment down - the Tories are getting Britain working!

yo let me level with you

The Tories claim that the free market will correct itself in classic neoliberal style, so if the economy repairs itself how can this be linked to any political party? 
If they claim success from it (which was caused from global actions not local) then how can they support their policies?

Furthermore with increased spending one could argue (and Vince Cable has done) that the tories are praciticing keynsianism. 
if so then the success has been hindered by the tories who oppose it

TLDR? K but u wrng doe 


"you’re offended that I insulted you because you wear a fedora?  wow men, it must feel awful to be judged by what you wear” [2123243523 notes]

yeah good point but that still doesn’t make it okay to judge people by what they wear so please stop posting counterproductive childish shit like this

I once had my nose broken for how I look 


If I Admit That 'Hating Men' Is a Thing, Will You Stop Turning It Into a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?


Definitely something a lot of people should read. very educational

and can also be applied to “reverse racism” and other similar supposed phenomena

1) have a rebuttal http://permutationofninjas.org/post/57643619599/if-i-admit-that-hating-men-is-a-thing-will-you-stop

2) Jezebel has a history of supporting and mocking domestic violence


Dear any and all SJ groups: Do not invalidate the feelings, rights, or ideals of any other SJ groups. The ideas that one group is supreme, more correct, or “so much more important that other groups don’t matter” are ignorant, hypocritical, and counterproductive.
If the group had ideals you believe are legitimately harmful to society, by all means - call them on their bullshit. But (example) MRAs fighting feminists or vice versa is a fight simply because they’re feminist/MRA is a fight against equality, not for it.
Similarly, if you do decide you still have a problem that you feel the need to post about, at least don’t live in ignorance. Take the time to learn the issues and goals of the groups before you ridicule them. Chances are, they’re actually legitimate.

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Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. This blog includes conservative ideas, very pro-Israel sentiments and a lot of not so friendly words about Democrats. Enjoy. 

and not an ounce of intelligence!


Last year in the UK more than a million donations were made from food banks, a third of which were to children living in poverty, but we hosted the Olympics and are a First World Country so class and inequality are over and austerity is definitely working. Right? Right? 

Anonymous asked
What's your opinion on nationalists healthcare, like canada?


The list of things that are handled better by large national governments than by the private sector or individuals is not very long and it most certainly does not include healthcare funding, I think systems like Canada’s and Britain’s and obamacare demonstrate that fact very well.


The US’ healthcare pre obama care was the world 37th
Cuba was 39

Every single place above the US is socialised 
youre a fucking hundred years behind, jesus christ